Quilter Interblock 45

My favorite guitars of all time are the Fender Telecaster (I’ve had several in different configurations) and the Godin Session (tele style).

Now my favorite tube amp of all time, no doubt about it, is the Ampeg Gemini I. I got AMAZING sounds from it (clean to gritty), and for me, that is the sound that defines Rock & Roll.

Have a listen to the Ampeg Gemini I…

Ampeg Gemini I

Sadly, I don’t have my Ampeg Gemini I anymore. There was an accident and it got destroyed. Over the years, I looked for a replacement, but never found one I was happy about buying (always with problems). But then one day, I heard a Quilter amp.

The moment I heard that demonstration of the Quilter amp – Micropro Mach 2 – I said, “Ampeg Gemini I”, “I can get the sound of an Ampeg Gemini I with the Quilter”. I had to have one. But there was one big problem, which was… I was living in Brazil at that time and EVERYTHING imported into the country cost 2 to 3 times the normal price. So, for example, If something cost $1000 in the United States, that same product could cost you $2000 to $3000 in Brazil, depending on how the item was taxed. And believe me, the Brazilian government was very creative in taxing products that came into Brazil.

So, as I didn’t want to pay 2 to 3 times more for a Quilter amp in Brazil, I had a Brazilian amp designer make me an 18 watt tube amp (lunchbox style) for around $500. It was a killer amp and sounded really, really good, but it was not exactly and Ampeg Gemini I or a Quilter.

Finally the day came for me and the family to move back to the USA to Chicago, IL, my hometown. And finally, I got my Quilter, but it was not the Quilter I was expecting to buy (Micropro Mach 2), it was the Quilter Interblock 45.

I have a GREAT 2 x 12 cabinet from Panama (http://panamaguitars.com/ ) and the Quilter Interblock 45 sounded perfect with it and… those Ampeg Gemini I sounds are all there. YES!

Quilter with 2 x 12 Panama cabinet
Quilter and Panama cabinet
Quilter Interblock 45 with Panama cabinet

Quilter amps are not tube amps, but they sound like tube amps.

Have a listen to the Quilter Interblock 45 below.

Quilter Interblock 45

If you really want an in-depth understanding of how Quilter amps work, take a spin over to George Dyer Music: https://georgedyermusic.com/2016/11/24/how-do-quilter-amps-work/

For more info on Quilter amps, visit: https://www.quilterlabs.com/

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