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When surfing the internet, have you ever come across a picture where part of the picture is still and another part of it is moving?

Well if you have, you were probably completely fascinated with what you you were seeing. And the thoughts running through your mind were… What the hell? How is that possible? How is that being done? How can I do that with a photo?

Those thoughts ran through my mind and I especially wanted to learn how I could do that with a photo. And so the journey began to discover the software that created this effect.

Along the way, I found several different software to produce the effect, and most of them did a good job in creating it, but none gave a truly great result. The smoothness and flow of the moving part of the photo was definitely lacking. But then I found PhotoMirage.

PhotoMirage is from the Corel Corporation and it creates excellent animated photos in minutes. And best of all, it is easy to use.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the animated photos created with PhotoMirage.

Here’s the thing about animated photos and how they help in internet marketing… They really grab the viewers attention, they can get you more views on social media, and they are great at conveying emotions.

Here are some animated photos I created with PhotoMirage.

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