It’s ONLY $27!

I just got an email promoting a brand new software that is going EXPLODE my internet business and take it to staggering heights. I will NEVER have to pay any kind of professional again to do THIS, THAT or ANYTHING OTHER THING. It will bring me a TON, an ABSOLUTE TON of TRAFFIC for FREE, and, believe it or not, it is PUSH BUTTON EASY. Plus, it is recommended by some of the TOP internet marketers on planet Earth. And it is ONLY… $27!!!

So what do I do? I buy it of course. And then after my purchase… I’m taken to a new VIP offer that will help make the software I just purchased 10 times better and more powerful. And it’s ONLY… $49!!!

So what do I do? I buy it of course. And then after my purchase… I’m taken to a new a DIAMOND offer which will give 100 times more power and makes things even faster than the VIP software plus, I will get thousands of ready made templates. And it’s ONLY… $69!!!

Guess what? I purchase the DIAMOND offer and after I buy it, I’m taken to an even better offer than the DIAMOND. Can you believe it? I’m offered the chance to add UNLIMITED VIDEO to my software. INCREDIBLE! And it’s ONLY… $47!!!

Believe it or not… I purchase UNLIMITED VIDEO. And just when I think I’ve purchased everything I need to take my internet business to the highest level possible on planet Earth… Along comes the offer to be COACHED by the creators of the software where I get the SUPER SECRET TIPS on how to send my internet business to INFINITY and BEYOND. And all for a measly… $69!!!

So… I purchase it.

All together I spend ONLY $261 to have the BEST internet marking software/tool and accessories and coaching on planet Earth. Lucky me.

Now, I must put my software and accessories and coaching into action.

But wait! What’s that I see in my email the very next day? An offer for the BEST of the BEST software/tool/video/templates/coaching/plus a FREE ticket (valued at $480) to the best internet marketing conference on planet Earth and, believe it or not, private label rights FOREVER and FOREVER.

Well… I believe I must take a SERIOUS look at this…

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